Emerging Chart Patterns 9-17-2012

Couple of chart patterns appeared in the Chart Pattern EDS report for 9-17-2012.

FEIC emerging pennant

FEIC had a sharp move up at the beginning of August and has since been forming a pennant pattern. The clarity, quality and initial trend for the pattern are very good. The length of the pennant part of the pattern is getting a little long in the tooth but still could resolve. Usually pennants are completed with a breakout to the upside through the upper trendline followed by an increase in volume.

TTMI merging ascending triangle

TTMI has a nice ascending triangle forming, the stock closed at 10.7 today and is still within the triangle. Diminishing volume is typical of this pattern. Breakout occurs usually to the upside through the horizontal trendline and needs to happen with good volume.

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