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David Penn Staff Writer, Stocks & Commodities Magazine

.....AIQ's Expert artificial intelligence determines when the risk shifts from a buying or selling opportunity to a more neutral situation, and vice versa. Using keyboard arrows or a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the charts, traders can view a bar-to-bar assessment of a given tradable. Not only can they see the shifting opinion of the AIQ Expert as reflected in the Expert Ratings, but users can also watch the shifting indicator values as displayed to the right of each chart.....



What software do you use to find these companies and actually how do you do it?


I use AIQ software. It leads me into finding the charts. Certainly when we have real positive charts you have very positive fundamentals as a general rule. This is what I use to find the big moving stocks. I download all day long and look every hour for stocks on the move. I also download at the end of the day to find them. The AIQ software is my priority. That’s all I use really.


Using AIQ you say you are downloading during the day at certain times of the day. How do you scan all the charts that you download determining what to buy?


In the evening, of course, I do my newsletter at my website, chartpattern.com. I will scan some 1,300 to 1,400 charts. I have a defined list in the AIQ software. It’s called the TAG list. With this you can tag your favorite charts. I manually flip through those every night finding the big movers in the market. I highlight them on my website. Then I put them on my eSignal quote screen in the daytime. I may have 50 or 60 of the leading moving stocks. I’ll also have the strongest groups in the market. In my sixty stocks I may have 10 of the biggest movers in the market. I may have two or three groups and then I may have six to 10 stocks in each group in my little group sectors. I am constantly watching for stocks on the move. Then, during the day when I see things moving, I’ll download my charts with AIQ and I’ll make reference to the charts and see how they look. I want to see how the charts are setting up, whether it is a bearish formation, bullish formation, how big is the daily bar in reference to other bars, how small is the bar. Whatever is taking place, I want to see what it looks like during the day. Then, I may add or subtract my positions. I may sell my entire position. I am constantly referring to the AIQ charts during the day and in the evening time. I am certainly making a list all day long and into the night when I do my Chartpattern.com newsletter in regard to what is looking good and what needs to be sold or bought.

Interview with
Dan Zanger

​​See the world's greatest software in action....in the market today.....

Dan Zanger
Dr. Jerald Morganstein
Individual Investor
Naples, FL

90% of my income comes from Trading and one of the most important factors for me is to know which way the market is heading. AIQ’s market timing signals are excellent. Group rotation is also very important and the group analysis capability is a powerful feature of TradingExpert.......I’ve tried many other programs and TradingExpert is by far the best program around.

I can tell TradingExpert what I’m looking for, turn my screen off and go home. It has a built-in clock and at the appropriate hour it calls my data service, upgrades my stocks, and does all the searches at night. I use Relative Strength, the weekly MACD, and weekly Weighted Action List adjusted for my personal Trading style. I want strong stocks in strong sectors. When I come in at 7:30 in the morning, I have my screening all done for me and I have an hour before the market opens to further analyze which stocks look good to me.

"I have been able to develop a Trading plan that gives me some pretty impressive returns. The bottom line is - TradingExpert helps me make money for people.

Brad McWilliams Broker, Edward Jones
David Penn Staff Writer, Stocks & Commodities Magazine

.....the screening language is far less difficult than the programming language used with many other technical analysis software programs.

Stock Trading Software Reviews

...The system is very cheap at around $80 per month with so many amazing features. The user interface is very professional and one can find relatives of a stock in the group and sector tree easily and create baskets of symbols and run studies on those baskets...

​...They offer a free trial so you can test drive the program and see if it’s right for you. But be aware this one is for serious traders who know a little something about the market. It’s the most expensive of the three listed here but its features are incredible. ...

Money Management Made Easy

"It is no wonder that Dan Zanger likes it. It combines stunning graphics..."

"....The charting function of the program is excellent. It is no wonder that Dan Zanger likes it. It combines stunning graphics with an easy to use interface. It displays an on-chart indicator library with a Color Barometer to give you an instant indication of the status of each chart...."

- Larry Jacobs (Editor, Traders World Magazine)
Patrick Buffa - Financial Advisor

"AIQ offers the ability to do a quick review of portfolios on demand is extremely helpful in managing stock portfolio’s – getting trading signals each day provides a great tool to get in front of opportunities or future problems. AIQ provides an 

ideal tracking system to manage assets; and that is why I have been a subscriber for 25 years."

"Without question, TradingExpert Pro offers the best charting software.. "

"Without question, TradingExpert Pro offers the best charting software we have found. .... feature that allows us to screen stocks that have passed our screens from the night before. This makes it even easier to make timely recommendations."

- M.S (C.F.A.)

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Alerts Charts Data Manager Data Retrieval Data Transfer EDS Fundamentals Markets Match Maker myTrack Option Expert Portfolio Manager Quotes Reports System Messages

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