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Creating and testing - 4 Candlestick Strategies

In this session we evaluated the effectiveness of different trading strategies using the AIQ TradingExpert Pro Expert Design Studio.

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The 4 entry strategies explained PDF click here

The four EDS files and accompanying backtest files, download these to your /wintes32/EDS Strategies folder. If your browser opens the file in a new tab, right click on the link instead and use save link as.

Getting up to speed with AIQ TradingExpert Pro + Market Timing - how the  System works

Part 1. Getting up to speed with AIQ TradingExpert Pro

Part 2. Market Timing - how the AI Expert System works

View the recording https://aiqsystems.com/downloads/markettiming.mp4

AIQ TradingExpert Pro - ETF Rotation Strategy using Relative Strength

In this hour-long session, Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems covers some hidden features in AIQ TradingExpert Pro, and in the second half, explores an expanded ETF list of tickers using a tried and tested ETF rotation strategy.

View the recording https://aiqsystems.com/downloads/etfstrading.mp4

Power features in AIQ + guest speaker David J Wozniak CMT on Group/Sectors

In the first segment Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems discussed some of the power features you may not be aware of in TradingExpert Pro.

In the second half, David J Wozniak CMT, a long-time AIQ client and founder of Trading floor Research will discuss how he uses Group/Sectors in his trading analysis and for his service.

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Which Technical Indicators Work Best in AIQ TradingExpert Pro

In this hour-long session, Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems covers trend, momentum and volatility based indicators and which work best for trading using the AIQ TradingExpert Pro.the 

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Six Secrets to Successful Trading

Successful traders have a detailed personal trading process that is executed in exactly the same way all the time.  Get started on yours. FREE guide.
  • Repeatable
  • Defineable
  • Deployable