Discover the Journey of AIQ Systems:

35 Years of Innovation in Investment Software

For over 35 years, AIQ Systems has been at the forefront of the investment software industry, transforming how traders and investors approach the market. In an exclusive interview, AIQ CEO Steve Hill delves into the company’s history, achievements, and vision for the future.

The Key to AIQ’s Success

Editor: Thirty-five years is a significant milestone in the investment software industry. What has been the key to AIQ’s success?

Hill: Our success is largely due to the dedication and expertise of our team. Their commitment to providing exceptional support and developing superior products has been instrumental in our growth and longevity. 

A Commitment to Service

AIQ Systems is not just a software vendor; we are dedicated to offering the best service possible. By actively listening to our clients and swiftly addressing their needs, we ensure our tools help traders and investors achieve their goals.

The Beginning of AIQ Systems

Editor: Can you tell us how AIQ was started?

Hill: In 1985, Dr. J.D. Smith, a pioneer in expert system technology, was frustrated by the time-consuming process of sifting through stock data manually. He leveraged his expertise to create a personal computer system that streamlined this process, allowing for intelligent, unemotional trading decisions. This system, introduced in 1987, was a breakthrough in investing technology and led to the founding of AIQ Systems.

Evolution of AIQ Products

Editor: How have AIQ products evolved over the years?

Hill: Our first product, StockExpert, introduced in 1987, provided basic charts, Expert Ratings, and technical indicators. We quickly followed with MarketExpert, a market timing system, and other specialized tools like OptionExpert and IndexExpert.

The release of TradingExpert marked a significant evolution, combining the strengths of our earlier products and adding groundbreaking features like group and sector analysis and a Portfolio Tracker. We continued to innovate with add-ons like Matchmaker for group/sector data and a Fundamentals module for fundamental analysis.

Our flagship tool, the Expert Design Studio, allows users to create custom trading systems and indicators. With access to real-time data from eSignal and end-of-day data from IDC and Dial/Data, our products remain at the cutting edge of trading technology.

Industry Changes Over the Years

Editor: How has the industry changed over the years?

Hill: The investment software landscape has changed dramatically. Digital products have replaced physical media, and today’s computers enable retail investors to use tools once reserved for institutional traders. While basic charting is now widely available, AIQ continues to offer advanced analysis tools that set us apart.

The biggest shift for us was in the late 1990s when we began offering TradingExpert Pro as a monthly subscription service bundled with myTrack, combining software and data in one affordable package. This model also ensures clients receive continuous updates without additional costs.

Strengths of AIQ Systems

Editor: What do you consider AIQ’s strengths?

Hill: Our team’s depth of knowledge and experience is our greatest asset. This expertise has driven the development of unique features like our industry group and sector rotation tools, which were revolutionary when introduced and remain unmatched.

Our breadth management tools, such as Market Breadth Builder and Breadth Analyzer, help identify market tops and bottoms. Our back-testing capabilities are designed to be user-friendly, with over 250 pre-built rules for easy customization.

Portfolio Simulation is another pioneering feature that allows realistic walk-forward testing, ensuring strategies work in real trading conditions.

We are dedicated to our users' success, offering extensive educational support, free webinars, and archived resources on our website.

Future of AIQ Systems

Editor: Where do you see AIQ going in the future?

Hill: As our tools have advanced, so have the needs of our clients. Every feature request is carefully considered for future releases. We are committed to evolving with the industry, continuing to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower traders and investors to succeed.

Experience the AIQ Systems difference—where dedication to innovation and client success drives everything we do. Visit https://aiqsystems.com to learn more about our powerful trading tools and educational resources.