Market Log 9-18-2012 some signs of topping

The last market Expert Rating 10 days ago was 98-2. WAL (Weighted Action List) and the US (Unconfirmed SIgnals) show a different picture. The WAL analyzes all the high up and down Expert Ratings on the S&P500 that have been confirmed by an independent indicator, in this case the Phase (MACD based). For the 500 stocks analyzed, 24% have ratings to the upside and 76% to downside.

Interstingly the US shows a similar picture 18% have ratings to the upside and 82% to downside. The US is a raw picture of the percenatge of stocks in S&P500 with unconfirmed up vs down high Expert Ratings. Past analysis has shown this US balance is an early indication of a possible change when the balance reaches 15-85 or 85-15.

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