TradingExpert Pro and OptionExpert 9.32 released with new option symbology

Option symbology changes to reflect Options Industry Council new format

The OIC symbol format changes provide a common sense method for option ticker symbols. Several format styles were recommended. AIQ has adopted the following compliant format for options symbols:

Underlying ticker symbol Month/Year Strike Call/Put
XYZ May10 170 C

For example the Goldman Sachs [GS] May 10 170 call symbol is GS May10 170 C

AIQ Charts real-time, AIQ RTAlerts and AIQ Quotes Barometer will accept the new symbol format. The first screen shot below shows AIQ Quotes/Barometer with several option tickers in the new format, the second screen shot shows the same tickers in AIQ RTAlerts.

This upgrade is for clients of the TradingExpert Pro on the monthly lease plan, all other TradingExpert or TradingExpert Pro clients please contact AIQ at 1-800-332-2999 for details. If you are not on the monthly plan and install the upgrade your key number may be invalidated.

If you are also a client of AIQ OptionExpert, please click here for the OptionExpert 9.32 upgrade.

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