Tech bulletin – 10/27/2011

Windows OS automatic update causing corrupted registration

An update from Microsoft may casue your Trading Expert Pro to receive a ‘corrupted registration’ message. To resolve this issue follow these instructions

– Click on Start, Run (or start and in the search box of) and Type Regedit.

– Double click Regedit to start the Registry Editor.

– Double click H-Key Local Machine.

– Double click Software.

– Double click WoWxxxNode.

– Double click AIQ Systems.

– Double click TradingExpert 32.

– Highlight Registration and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Close the Windows Registry, open the TradingExpert main menu. The icons should auto-refresh.

If you are not a myTrack customer, give Barbara a call at 800-332-2999 to get a new key, or click on Applications, Registration and email us the Registration number.

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