Mastering Support and Resistance – recording of AIQ Zoom meet April 17, 2024

In this session, Steve Hill also highlighted pitfalls to be aware of in gauging these levels and included recent Chart analysis of the Dow 30 stocks

Support and resistance levels are crucial for identifying key price levels where supply and demand imbalance occurs. Traders use these levels to set entry and exit points, manage risk, and determine the overall market sentiment. Understanding support and resistance levels can enhance trading strategies and improve trading performance.

In volatile market conditions, support and resistance levels may be breached momentarily, leading to false signals. Prices can quickly reverse direction, causing traders to incur losses if they enter positions based on the temporary breach.

In markets with low liquidity or during after-hours trading sessions, support and resistance levels may not hold as strongly as they would during regular trading hours. Price movements in such markets can be erratic, leading to false signals.

Significant news announcements or economic data releases can cause sudden and sharp price movements that breach support and resistance levels. Traders may interpret these movements as false signals, especially if the price quickly reverses after the initial reaction.

Sometimes, the price may temporarily breach a support or resistance level as part of a price discovery process. This could be a stocks attempt to test the strength of the level before resuming its previous trend. If the breach is not sustained, it may be considered a fake move.

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