Live webinars from the 21st Annual Traders Seminar in Las Vegas

Intermarket analysis – Profitable trading strategies for commodities, stocks, bonds and currencies. Donald Dony

Did you know that; Gold leads the commodities (CRB index)? The US dollar usually trends in the opposite direction of the CRB index and Gold? All markets are interrelated and none move in isolation? Bond prices normally move in the opposite direction to stocks (inflationary environment)? All of these and many more inter market relationships will be revealed in Donald’s session. Best of all their are ETFs to trade all of them.
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Around the world in 80 mins – Global equity investment opportunities to capitalize on future trends. Richard Muller

During his presentation Richard will reveal where the best markets are to be trading and why, and the best values in each segment based on his extensive global equity research. Richard’s pedigree is unmatched in global equity analysis. Prior to joining Reuters and presenting his own TV show, Richard taught technical analysis to many investors and traders throughout Europe.
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The relationship between commodities and currencies in the context of the MACDI divergence strategy. Dale Wheatley

Dale has used the special relationship between currencies and commodities to his advantage by trading options on the ETFS. Whether it is the OIl Index, Gold Index, US Dollar index, SPY or others, correlations and leading and lagging factors all play in to finding the right time to be in the right option. Dale uses his unique MACD divergence strategy as the timing mechanism to enter option trades.
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