If you missed Adrienne Toghraie’s webinar today – DON’T WORRY

My very special guest, Adrienne Toghraie joined us today for an excellent presentation on ‘Modeling Success Qualities of Top Traders’

Adrienne, founder of TradingonTarget and author of 12 books, is an expert on coaching traders and investors to their next level of success by helping them overcome their self-imposed limitations.

This Webinar-workshop was about learning the qualities you need to acquire for running a successful trading business in order to become a master trader. Here are the categories Adrienne discussed:

• Entrepreneur Qualities

• Trader Qualities

• Emotional Stability Qualities

• People Skill Qualities

• Mastery Qualities

Many of you have busy schedules and some missed out on the event, however we have recorded the entire event and it’s available for you to view at

We look forward to seeing you at our next scheduled event on Januuary 26, 2011. I will be presenting ‘How to test a trading strategy using a systematic approach’.

Register now at http://tradingontarget.omnovia.com/registration/pid=51731291740818

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