Holiday Sale up to 75% off selected Books, DVDs and Courses

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Holiday Sale up to 75% off selected Books, DVDs and Courses
New Money-Making Trading Systems: Advanced Results from 6 Simple, Proven Strategies 

One of the more important questions that traders face periodically is to determine when a stock or a market is reversing.

Over the past 20 years, Steve Palmquist has done just that – backtested countless market adaptive trading techniques. In this brand-new, six-hour DVD course, Steve reveals the results of his tests on Bollinger bands, declining volume pullbacks and retracements, as well as volume accumulation and distribution to bring you six proven trading strategies. 

Each system was developed, tested, and analyzed for maximum profits

Steve will provide you with complete rules and exit strategies that have been back tested in various market conditions and time frames. Steve will also show you how to analyze the current market conditions and select the trading strategy that will make you the most money in a bear, bull, or trading range market. As Steve guides you through his six proven strategies, you will learn:

  • How to use time stops, price targets, and money management techniques to improve results,
  • Specific techniques for selecting among multiple trading candidates based on extensive testing and analysis, and 
  • To understand market behavior and to position yourself to profit from different market characteristics.

Don’t make costly mistakes by following the latest trading system blindly. Let Steve’s experience and expertise work for you. In this DVD course, he will not only provide you with six new powerful trading strategies, but he will show you exactly how to use each one to maximize profits. 

Six-hour DVD course
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“Someone has finally determined which candlesticks are the most effective”
Proven Candlestick Patterns
By: Steve Palmquist
Currently one of the the most widely used chart types, candles have the potential to be an effective tool for extracting profits from the market. But with all of the information out now about candles, how can you tell which ones work and which don’t? After testing every known candlestick pattern, Steve Palmquist has determined which candlesticks are the most effective and gives you extensive data and techniques for how to best incorporate them into your trading strategy. 
Palmquist’s extensive back testing has revealed : 

  • How effective popular candlestick patterns such as Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Hammers, Hanging Man, Evening Star, and Morning Star really are.
  • Actual data on these popular candlestick patterns in different market environments to confirm when they are most effective at predicting winning trades.
  • Which of the three major market environments to successfully use specific candlestick patterns — and which environments to avoid.
  • How to use the massive information collected to truly confirm various candle patterns and eliminate the guess work.Steve Palmquist’s new 90-minute course arms you with what you need to know about candlestick patterns and shows you the candlesticks you should be using and which ones you should avoid. Don’t spend years collecting this powerful information and definitely don’t let another day go by without using the proven power of these candlestick patterns!
Our Price: $89.00 
NOW $49 
11/26 thru 12/5 while supplies last

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