ETFs to Trade Everything + Supply and Demand

ETF text with businessman on dark vintage background

If you missed this AIQ Zoom event, don’t worry, the recording is now available from the link at the end of this post. (FYI it expires on April 13th).

In this 90-minute session, Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems built a list of Direxion ETFs to trade everything and ran it through analytical tools. In the second half David Wozniak, CMT covered supply and demand by Incorporating Point & Figure Charts. 

Steve also created data files and list files for the ETFS. These are zipped and available below 

ETF data files are here – unzip to your /wintes32/tdata folder. Then go to Data Manager, Utilities, Rebuild Master Ticker List. 

ETF List files are here – unzip these files to your /wintes32 folder.

David has an introductory offer for his Trading Floor Research service available at