AIQ’s One Minute Stock presents ‘Going to the Candy Store’

To date, Hank Swiencinski aka The Professor, has delivered two sold out premium webinars to
traders, his powerful ‘Rifle Trades’ and his widely acclaimed ‘Trading
the Turns’.

The demand for these courses exceeded our quota both times,
so much so that we had to offer the recording and the seminar book as a
product after the events.

The Professor’s next premium event will be on
March 13, 2014 and it’s sure to sell out.

So what’s with the title? The Professor, will be presenting another webinar on March 14th that will focus on the techniques he uses to trade the
markets on event driven days like the Fed Announcement.

He calls these
techniques ‘Going to the Candy Store’. Like all of the techniques in the Professor’s Methodology, they are extremely easy to understand and apply. With
the right setup and technical analysis, these special days in the
market can be money in the bank. It’s not rocket science, it’s
commonsense and simple technique.

This webinar will also include 2 BONUS insights that The Professor uses in his every day trading, including one that predicts moves of 100 points or more, a day or two before the moves actually occur.

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