Time Tested Trading Tips….

Steve Palmquist.Author of ‘The Timely Trades Letter’. ‘How to Take Money from the Markets’, and Money-Making Candlestick Patterns.

Trading is about risk management. Traders learn how to manage risk by testing different trading strategies to see how they have performed in different market conditions. Testing trading strategies also helps to identify various volume and price patterns that may improve trading results in each of the three key market conditions. Volume patterns improve the statistics for many trading patterns. Strong volume and price patterns do not guarantee a result, nothing does, but they may improve the odds as demonstrated by the research presented in ‘How to Take Money From the Markets’. Using well researched price and volume patterns can be ways to manage risk. The research can also be helpful in determine which of several trading systems or tools may be the most appropriate for the current market conditions. One way to know what may or may not improve the results for a given technique is to understand how different price and volume parameters, along with different market conditions effect trading results. That is why I wrote ‘How to Take Money From the Markets’. When the market is rocking I generally just enter strong setups without worrying much about the volume on the entry day. When the market is moving strongly then pullbacks, flags, and some of the other patterns I have tested generally mark pauses in the trend. If the pattern is generally a pause in the trend, then the odds are with me; and I do not need the confirmation provided by strong volume on the day of the trigger. When the market is more uncertain then I want to use additional tools to increase the odds of a favorable result, and I select the most appropriate tools based on the research presented in ‘How to Take Money From the Markets’.

How stocks and the market behave around the Bollinger Bands is very important to understand. Based on extensive testing I have learned to take profits in uncertain markets when my position becomes extended above the upper Bollinger Band. If you want a good lesson on risk management and why I exit positions that become extended above the upper Band take a look at the recent action in SLV. I did not get all the profit from the run up because the extension above the upper band had me out a week before the peak. However I still have my profits, and anyone holding last week took a thirty percent hit. I trade the charts and manage risk based on what I have learned from extensive testing.

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