Recording ETF Rotation Strategy – The What and How

Recording of the Zoom meet from 5-17-24 is now available. During this meeting Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems discussed using Reports, and Expert Design Studio strategies to trade ETFs. The Direxion ETFs and a list of the 100 most traded ETFs were used to evaluate the strategies. The Boomer Buy and Denning VCR strategies were tested and are also available to download. The Relative Strength rotation EDS file is also available.

ETF list files discussed in this video are available for download below. Please save these to your /wintes32 folder. The full list of Direxion ETFs. The 2x leverage Direxioin ETFs. The Fixed Income ETFs. The International Equity ETFs. US Market ETFs. US Sector ETFs. US Stock ETFs. Top Volume ETFs. Sector Rotation ETFs.

Expert Design Studio files discussed in this video. Download and save these to your /wintes32/EDS Strategies folder. Boomer Buy strategy for ETFs. Backtest for Boomer Buy. Denning VCR strategy for ETFs. Backtest for Denning VCR . Relative Strength Rotation for Sector ETFs.

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