Evaluating John Ehlers Moving Average and Scott Cong’s Adaptive Moving Average

If you missed this AIQ Zoom event, don’t worry, the recording is now available from the link at the end of this post. (FYI it expires on May 25th.

In this 60-minute session, Steve Hill, CEO of AIQ Systems evaluated 2 recent Traders Tips from Stocks & Commodities Magazine.

Scott Cong proposes a new adaptive moving average (AMA). It adjusts its parameters automatically according to the volatility of the market, tracking price closely in trending movement, and staying flat in congestion areas. The new AMA is well-suited for swing trading.

John Ehlers reduces noise in the data by using an average of the open and close instead of using only the closing price.

Steve also created the two EDS files for these indicators. Special thanks to Richard Denning for programming these.

These files should be saved to your/wintes32/EDS strategies folder

Scott Cong AMA EDS file is here

Backtest 1 is here

Backtest 2 is here

John Ehlers RSI is here

Backtest 1 is here

Backtest 2 is here

Here’s the recording link