Enviable Trading Track Record – AIQ client David Wozniak

Long-time AIQ client and Money Manager David Wozniak has an enviable track record – Recent Trades Speak for Themselves.

His service includes:

***Actionable alerts to your cell phone ***

It’s not hard to come across stock alerts or picks, from newsletters to talking heads on television to alerting systems. Unfortunately, most of the time these services are no better than guesswork. But what if you could get solid, practical alerts about when to buy and sell stocks?

Wouldn’t it be better to get buy and sell signals and the insights that generated them, from someone who is not just trying to market their way of life?

*** That’s where TFR comes in ***

As a TFR subscriber, you will get all the details you need to enter and manage your trades. Furthermore, the underlying research for the alerts is done by an experienced CMT who has managed money for over 30 years.

TFR is Trading Floor Research and was founded by David J Wozniak. He is a Certified Market Technician (CMT) and Chief Market Strategist at TFR.

*** High Probability Trading Setups ***

You’ll always be on top of the markets with TFR’s twice-weekly e-mail newsletter! You’ll receive the latest industry group, individual stock, ETF buy signals, and research reports that will guide you on entry points, high-likelihood sell targets, and stop-loss numbers.

And with text alerts to confirm buys and notify you when stocks hit their sell targets, you’ll never miss a chance to capitalize on a great opportunity!

“Thanks to David and Trading Floor Research (TFR), I was able to make two profitable trades on GO and LABU – each one netting me a 16% return. The text messages were prompt and enabled me to act quickly!”

*** Take the Emotion Out of Your Trading Process ***

Maximize your likelihood of success while minimizing stress. Let Trading Floor Research provide you with unique stock trades and show how to allocate your investments accordingly. TFR will take you step by step from the start to the end of the trade.

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