Build Lists of Stocks, Easily Track Charts, & Browse Reports Limited to Your Lists

In the age of the internet, there are lots of sites that give you free stock  charts. For many people, a chart is all they need for their trading. Obviously AIQ offers much more than charting, but even if all you need are charts then you’ll love AIQ’s list feature.

This feature allows users to very quickly browse through the stock charts that they are interested in. Every AIQ power user heavily relies on the list feature. Knowing how to create and manage lists allows users to focus on the stocks they want to purchase, to more easily manage a large database, to effortlessly chart their favorite stocks, etc.

TradingExpert Pro comes with the S&P 500 and the AIQALL list. Many other AIQ list files can be downloaded from AIQ’s web page. The web page includes lists of the S&P 1500, Russell 1000, Russell 2000, Nasdaq 100, optionable stocks, etc. The web site is

After downloading one of these list files, you can very quickly and easily scroll through charts of the stocks. In AIQ Charts, use the dropdown arrow on the tool bar to highlight a list name. For this example, we’ll choose a list of the Nasdaq 100 stocks. By hitting the Enter key, the Control Panel is replaced by the list of Nasdaq 100 ticker symbols. By clicking on the Explore Right icon on the toolbar (or clicking on the individual ticker symbols), you’ll get a chart of each stock in the list. There is no need to type in the individual ticker symbols. Simply keep clicking the Explore Right icon and you can see every Nasdaq 100 chart in a matter of minutes.

While AIQ places many lists on its web site, some users may have a particular list of stocks that they want to closely track. This might include recommendations from Value Line or a favorite investment newsletter. In this case, users can create their own individual lists. Creating a list is a simple process.

 – In Data Manager, click List on the menu bar and then New.
 – Enter a name for the list you want to create.
 – The list will appear on the left section of the Data Manager window.
 – With your list name highlighted, click List again and Insert Tickers. To save time, enter a list of
tickers separated by semicolons.
 – Click OK and the list will be created.

If you have a list of ticker symbols in a spreadsheet, TradingExpert Pro can import that list. That means if you subscribe to Investor’s Business Daily’s online service then you can download its top recommendations into a spreadsheet and then import the list into AIQ. To do this, first
save the list to a CSV format. Then go to the Data Manager and create the new list name using the process just described.

 – With the list name created, select List and then Import.
 – Highlight the CSV file and click OK.

AIQ allows users to merge two lists as well. Some people like to track a list that combines two list files, such as the SP 500 and Nasdaq 100. AIQ’s Advanced List Edit function allows you to merge two lists. You simply open both lists and then drag one list into the other. Be sure to save the new combined list to a new name.

So far we’ve discussed how list files help save time in charting. They are also helpful when you run Reports. When you run reports on your individual list file, only stocks that you are interested in will appear. The noise from other stocks that you’d never buy is eliminated. For instance, you can check for a breakout on AIQ’s Point & Figure Breakout report using your particular list of stocks. There is no need to filter through a bunch of stock symbols looking for the ones of interest to you. To accomplish this, go to Reports

 –  right-click on Stock Reports. The Global Properties box will appear
 – Use the dropdown arrow next to Stock to select the name of the list you want to run and click OK.

We’ll choose to run reports on the Nasdaq 100 stocks. Some reports, however, show many stock choices. To quickly scroll through the list of stocks on a report, you can click the Build Report List icon on the toolbar. This will create a list of the stocks on a report. After naming the list, the first stock on the report will automatically be charted. Click the Explore Right icon to see the other stocks.

Similar to Reports, Expert Design Studio (EDS) scans can be run on individual lists.

 – In EDS click the Properties icon and select the appropriate list.
 – After the scan is complete, you can chart the stocks by clicking the Chart List icon.

The ability to create and use lists is a basic function of TradingExpert Pro. Although basic, this function is very powerful. It allows you to quickly scroll through charts and enables you to focus on the stocks you are most interested in.

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