Are you in London June18th? You don’t want to miss this

For the first time Richard Muller, AIQ TradingExpert Pro expert, discretionary trader and former Reuters TV star, will be teaching a
full day in person option seminar with LIVE TRADING, June 18th,

We’d kept the details of this unique seminar under
wraps, why? Because we limit the number of attendees at all of our events. Small
audience equals more personal attention for attendees. We don’t pack 50 in a
room it just doesn’t work. Knowing how quickly we’d fill up this exclusive
event, we’d decided we weren’t even going to announce the event, and just let
word of mouth spread.

Too late now, but the good news is you’re among the first to hear about this
full day options training with live trading. So there’s still a chance you can
get in and reserve your seat.

Now we know what you’re thinking. Full-day seminar on options training, with
live trading, taught by Richard Muller, the Richard Muller, it’s going to cost a
bomb. 1995 GBP that’s our regular price for two day seminars, so a one day
seminar would have to be at least 900 GBP right? Normally yes. A full day of
option training capped with live trading in person with Richard Muller 990 GBP
is the going rate.

However, Richard is on fire! When Richard’s on fire, his trading is going
well and like any successful trader, he wants to share the secret recipe of his
success with other traders.

That’s when Richard dropped the bombshell.
195 GBP, that’s about $300.

Yes you heard correctly 195 GBP for a full day of options training and live
trading. That’s it. I think you’ll agree that’s a steal.

There’s only one caveat. When we run out of seats, the offer’s closed. We
don’t want more than a dozen or so people, and the places are filling up fast.
Act now or you’ll miss out.

We don’t know when Richard will repeat this offer again. This could
be the only opportunity for a while.

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