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For years the fundamental module in TradingExpert Pro has provided
a unique trading strategy tool for filtering stocks. These include
Advanced weighting the impact of different fundamentals
Quick build of reports and lists
Chart list from fundamental reports
Rank and tag tickers so you’ll always know where they
stand fundamentally  
Each month we’ll be providing one or two insightful scans for FREE with
accompanying list files where appropriate that you can download and use in your
TradingExpert Pro.
March 2016 screen identifies stocks with EPS momentum.
Stocks which will likely see earnings per share growth over the next two
We’ll need your name and
e-mail address to get you access to the AIQ list files and scan
results. There are several other scans also available for you after you
register, including
Under Valued High Yielding Stocks, best used when there has been a market
correct of 8-10%.
Stocks with a Price to Sales ratio below the median for its Industry show
greater returns.
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Packs FREE scans or list each month

The most popular use of the fundamental data is in
combination with technical strategies in the Expert Design Studio. What better
way to hone in on candidates than to combine both approaches in one strategy
that you can run every night.
Now with the launch of the AIQ Data Power Pack FATI®, you can get updated fundamentals each
month directly into your TradingExpert Pro again. 
Over 4400 Charts with instant click to 60 fundamentals fields

Unleash the power of fundamental
ranking with any number of strategies
I want a list of stocks to short that are fundamentally weak what would I look
How about a
High Risk, High Debt strategy?
strategy finds stocks that are having a hard time meeting their day-to-day
obligations. It finds stocks with the lowest quick and current ratio. The
lower, the more debt and liabilities and the less able a company is to pay
current debt. Add in a high debt to equity ratio and rank them all equally.
You’ll have a list of stocks that are worth keeping an eye on for a technical
entry to the short side. 
Charter Communications, the top high risk high debt ticker on 2/18/16
Build a technical and fundamental strategy in Expert Design
Studio and run it every night
allows you to design, test, and automate virtually any trading idea with the
point-and-click interactive trading library and pre-built strategies that have
been fine-tuned by our analysts to produce outstanding results. 
With the FATI® fundamentals fields, you can add in another layer of screening
to your technical screening and uncover hidden gems in your database.

with your fundamentals FATI® Sector and Group Structure and Extra bonus
FATI® Market Capitalization

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