Adding VIX as an indicator to AIQ Charts

As discussed in the free webinar on Thursday July 14, 2011. Recording is available at

To add the VIX with a 10-day average of the VIX to an AIQ Chart follow these instructions

  1. Click on this link below to download the EDS file required, save it to c:wintes32EDS Strategies folder
  2. Open AIQ Charts and chart the ticker SPY end of day.
  3. From the menu in Charts, click on Chart, Settings, Indicator Library, EDS Indicators
  4. In the Custom Indicators click on Add
  5. In Look in: locate c:wintes32EDS Strategies folder and select the file VIX_as_an_indicator.EDS. Click Open.
  6. In Plot Type, select Histogram with Plotted Line, click Next.
  7. In Histogram with Line Indicator, for Description I use VIX and 10-day. UDF to Plot: select Close_VIX from the pull down. UDF for Line: select VIX_10day from the pull down. Click Finish.
  8. Click on Done in the Custom Indicators screen. The indicator will be at the very bottom in your Indicator Control Panel, click on the indicator to add it to the SPY chart. Note: custom indicators do not have barometers

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