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When Dale spoke to the attendees, everyone’s full undivided attention was set on
him. He revealed his system that utilizes the power of the MACD (Moving Average
Convergence Divergence) indicator, which is the only indicator he uses and
swears by because of its astounding results with less risk. As he cuts right to
the chase, he laid out the charts and let the simple rules demonstrate how it
works and what it is capable of doing for the traders in the room……more

Long-term trading success is achieved using strategies that provide traders with
an edge. But how can you prove that a system will show winning trades more often
than random chance? You have to put it to the test. Don’t make costly mistakes
by following the latest trading system blindly. Let Steve’s experience and
expertise work for you. In this DVD course, he will not only provide you with
six new powerful trading strategies, but he will show you exactly how to use
each one to maximize profits……more

Data that took Steve Palmquist years to compile and interpret is now at your fingertips. In this breakthrough guidebook, Palmquist reveals the most effective candlestick patterns and indepth information on back testing for optimal success.

Thorough and highly organized, this book teaches you to exploit every move the market makes with cutting-edge chart-reading techniques…….more

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