Weekly & Daily Percentage Price Oscillator

The AIQ code based on Vitali Apirine’s article in Stocks & Commodities issue, “Weekly & Daily Percentage Price Oscillator,”  Modifying a traditional indicator can make you look at a chart differently. You can compare indexes, look at price movements during extended periods of time, and make trading decisions based on your observations is provided here:

!Author: Vitali Apirine, TASC Feb 2018
!Coded by: Richard Denning 12/17/17

S is 12.
L is 26.

EMA1 is expavg([Close],S).
EMA2 is expavg([Close],L).
EMA3 is expavg([Close],S*5).
EMA4 is expavg([Close],L*5).
DM is (EMA1 - EMA2)/EMA4*100.
WM is (EMA3 - EMA4)/EMA4*100.
WD_PPO is WM + DM.
Figure below shows the daily and weekly PPO indicator on a chart of the Nasdaq 100 index (NDX) from 2015 to 2017.


Sample Chart

 Here, the daily & weekly PPO is displayed on a chart of the NDX.



—Richard Denning info@TradersEdgeSystems.com for AIQ Systems


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