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Will splits and distributions be automatically calculated?

Yes, in Data Retrieval Options, place a check in "Process Splits and dividends" and also in "Process distributions". Then when the data service sends the information the program will automatically adjust the pricing.

What time should the update be performed?

You should wait until 8:30 EST, before updating your database.

The connection log says "communication complete, no requests made", what does this mean?

This could mean your computer date or time are incorrect.

I have bad data on one of my stocks, how do I correct it?

In Data Retrieval Options, click on selected ticker and enter the symbol. Then, click on Reload History. Enter the dates of the bad data, click on start update. Once the data has process the bad data should be overwritten with corrected data.

When I update I keep getting a message "limit exceeded", and data will not update, how do I correct this?

Open Data Manager, click on Utilities, choose Delete Non-Trading stocks.

When the program begins processing the data I get a GPF in AIQcom32.exe, how can this be fixed?

Open Data Manager, click on Utilities, choose Rebuild Master Ticker List.

Receive unable to connect to Dial/Dtata

​Dial Data uses Port 23 and some routers/firewalls are still blocking this port. You’ll need to allow your router/firewall to use this port.

Connection Failed: ETIMEOUT. Error. RAS Offline

​If you have enabled a Secure VPN connection feature through your security software or your router, this may block the Data Retrieval from downloading data. You'll need to disable this feature for data downloads or check with your security software or router software on how to make an exception for Telnet or for the AIQ Data Retrieval application.

Update to fix holiday issues for Dial/Data

Issue: Holiday dates of  1/2/23 and 6/19/23 and may have duplicated data from the prior trading day populating the fields. This file fixes this issue

Solution: Prior to downloading the fix, please make sure all your AIQ applications are clsoed.

 Click on this link and save this file to your /wintes32 folder, overwriting the prior version. No other changes are required.

Some browsers may download the file to other locations automatically (for example your downloads folder). You'll need to locate the file AIQlib32.dll and copy this to/wintes32 folder overwriting the existing version.

​If your browser blocks the download as dangerous, select keep. Here's Chromes example

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