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I don't have my installation instructions, where do I begin?

Click this link for installation information


I've installed the program, how do I sign up for data?

Click this link for pricing plans http://www.aiqeducation.com/plans/

or call Barbara at 800-332-2999

The icons on the main menu are gray, what do I need to do to activate them?

From the main menu, click on Applications, Registration, Yes and email the registration number to support@aiqsystems.com

Can I install TradingExpert to a directory that is different than the default?

Yes, but it is not recommended.

How do I fix corrupted registration when launching AIQ applications?

Click on Start, Run (or Start and in the search box, Type


- Double click Regedit to start the Registry Editor.

- Double click H-Key Local Machine.

- Double click Software.

- Double click WoWxxxNode.

- Double click AIQ Systems.

- Double click TradingExpert 32.

- Highlight Registration and then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Close the Windows Registry, right click on the TradingExpert Pro main menu and choose Run As Administrator. The icons should auto-refresh. You will to get a new key, click on Applications, Registration and email us (support@aiqsystems.com) the Registration number.

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