For over 25 years we're been helping people navigate the trading markets.

We've bought together 1000s of traders and helped them achieve trading success.

In an ongoing tradition since 1989, we offer you the opportunity to spend an entire day in a top quality trading education and collaborative atmosphere with the President of AIQ Systems, Steve Hill.

This action-packed seminar will cover a wealth of topics to ​take you through the entire process from analysis, stock selection, trade execution and trade management using AIQ TradingExpert Pro and a live brokerage account.

It's the final piece in your stock trading armory

Those of you have had an opportunity to spend time with Steve at sessions in the past will appreciate his broad and in-depth knowledge and experience in trading analysis.

Steve has over 25 years experience as both a trading analysis software developer and trading educator. He has trained countless clients in the disciplined analysis and trading mindset necessary to successfully trade in today's markets.

Whether you're relatively new to trading or a veteran looking for a refresher, this course will have something for you.

With this traders blueprint, you'll have the tools you need to take your trading efficiency to a new level.

You'll need to be on your toes for this seminar. Every session is designed to enhance your current trading skill and take you to the next logical step as a trader.

Just some of the topics covered include:

Overcoming Existing Mindsets

"Foster a strong desire to master your emotions; prevent them from affecting your performances."

The opening session of the seminar will focus on the trading mindset and managing and using fear and greed to your advantage when trading. Recognize these?

  • Fear of losing your money
  • Fear of missing out on a great move
  • Fear of letting a profit becoming a loss
  • Fear of being wrong, right from the start
  • Fear of pulling the trigger

Developing a Trading plan and log

A Trading Log is  more than an organized way to keep track of your transactions.

Savvy traders know that the real benefit of an effective Trading Log is its tremendous value as an educational and self-awareness tool.

We'll cover why a detailed personal trading process that is executed in exactly the same way all the time is critical to effective trading

A trading process, to be useful, must be personal.

Market Timing, Group Analysis

Deciding each and every day where the market is at before executing any further analysis is critical.

In this session we'll explore TradingExpert Pro's Proven Market Timing, the same  Market Timing system that warned of the Crash of ‘87 and has called all major market moves since.

Plus we'll use the Summary Report Market Log and market breadth analysis to gives us a clear indication of market status.

Only then will we examine 2 specific Group Analysis Reports and show how to use these to uncover gems in trending groups.

Stock Selection - indicator confirmation

In the market Timing and Group Analysis session you'll have seen how we determine market direction and high probability groups.

Now we'll look in depth at individual stock analysis using several techniques for confirmation including:

  • ​RSI
  • MACD
  • Moving Averages
  • Support and Resistance

Stock Selection - custom scans using EDS

TradingExpert Pro provides an amazing way to design, test, and automate virtually any trading idea. It’s called the Expert Design Studio and is considered by traders to be the best tool of its kind.

In this session we'll use 2 tried and tested strategies to show how this tool unlocks the full potential for trading analysis for stock selection. We'll even tweak a strategy on the fly with the help of attendees input.

Plus we'll do some live analysis and trading with stops before the market closes

Here's what seminar attendees have been saying

"I was impressed with the quality of the workshop"

"The seminar was great. I was impressed with the quality of the workshop. It has inspired me to delve into my AIQ software and to make even better use of it. I also learned a great deal, discovered new ideas, and new applications. I liked the fact that the speaker was helpful and available."

- Dr. JD (Individual Investor)

"...brought me to the next level in trading learning."

"If my trading cannot improve from the wealth of wisdom and technique in that seminar then I would be in trouble. However, I really feel that this seminar brought me to the next level in learning trading."

- JT (Trader)

"Great sessions and great group of people. "

"...Thank you Steve Hill and all your great team of people....great sessions and great group of people."

- M.S (C.F.A.)

Successful Trading: Developing a Mindset and Process

January 18, 2018 - Hilton Garden Inn, LAX/El Segundo, CA

All these sessions

  • Overcoming Existing Mindsets
  • Market Timing, Group Analysis
  • Developing a Trading plan and log
  • Stock Selection - indicator confirmation
  • Stock Selection - custom scans using EDS
  • Live Analysis with trading stops

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