Cum Laude Service

Hank Swiencinski, the Professor and AIQ have been partnering together for the past 10 years to provide his Cum Laude under the One Minute Stock website. The Cum Laude service archives all the Professors comments, Deans List and Members Watch List and Model Portfolio updates. We also e-mail all of the updates as soon as possible after the Professor posts them. Cum Laude service includes:

The Professor’s comments on the market in your inbox

Twice a week you’ll get the Professor’s market update and specifics on the current status. Elliott Wave and the ‘Hockey Stick’ patterns feature prominently.

The Deans List of Stocks that meet the Professor’s algorithms in your inbox

The ranking is provided by the professor’s proprietary algorithms and is updated every day.

It provides a relative strength against other entries along with potential market changes and sector strengths and weaknesses. The Dean’s List is where to go to look for strong stocks or ETFs.

Weekend Strategy Review in your inbox

At the weekend the Professor lays out his plan for the coming week. It’s the big picture of what he expects the markets to do and where to focus in the coming week.

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The Professor's Florida courses at the University of N. Florida have gained national awareness for the OneMinuteStock.com founder.

Inside Jacksonville radio host Jim Byard interviews Hank Swiencinski, aka the Professor.


“Caro Professore, Again you were so right, I am way up. I love metals.”

“You’re amazing. Thank you, Hank, for putting emphasis on buy and sell discipline. It makes a huge difference.”

“Enjoyed the class last week tremendously. As an engineer myself, I love your pracitical approach towards the market.”


“Thank you for the class. I am really learning. Can’t wait to review the slides from last night’s class.”

“Really enjoyed your class and wish I was your next door neighbor!”

“Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared. I enjoyed your class very much and I’m finally in the position (reach the age of 59 ½ ) where I can take advantage of your information. Thanks again for a great class.”

Class last night was good especially for the current environment. Just listening to the attendees at break and afterwards, they all felt good and a little more sure of themselves.”

Thanks for all you do in the class to educate us. I have gotten out of 90% of my mutual funds and am in a money market fund for most of that…..also taken 100% of my profit-sharing and parked it in the money market option.”

Last night’s class was one of your best. I look forward to reviewing the notes.”

“I have learned so much in these classes, and am finding all of it
fascinating. Thank you!”

“Yor presentation tonight was very good. Can I please have a copy of your powerpoint slides from tonight, and from your class I took a while ago. I look forward to using them for reinforcing your theories while I learn and trade stocks.”

” I enjoyed the class tonight even though you scared the death out of me. I would appreciate you e-mailing the power-point to me. Also, if you ever have a day class I am sure you would fill it up regarding hands-on trading. You name the price.”