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Hank Swiencinski - The Professor, founder OneMinuteStock.com 

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Fed Pay Day 

The Professor's Going to the Candy Store

Fed day pay day – learn how to cash in on fed day. With this simple yet effective strategy you learn how to trade the Fed day and get the bonus 100 point move predictor thrown in. 

Rifle Trade

The Professor's Position Trading Methodolgy

This strategy is equally suitable for novice and experienced traders and once you learn this powerful trading strategy you can use it immediately.  It's simply not taught anywhere else

Trading with the Tide 

The Professor's Market Breadth Analysis Cockpit

Too many traders establish long trades when the tide is going out, and short the market when the tide is coming in. Then once in the trade, they wonder why it’s not working out. 

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Six Secrets to Successful Trading

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