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Have you ever sat down and really thought about what it is that moves the prices in the markets. I mean really sat down and thought about it?

Let me ask you...

If we had to boil trading and investing down to JUST ONE THING that we can consistently rely on, that ACTUALLY moves the markets, REGARDLESS of the market your trading or investing in, what would you think that would be?

You're going to learn exactly what that secret is by the time you finish this letter...

“I first began working with Jeff in 2010. His Live weekly webinar Inside Market Analysis was a comprehensive broad-based analysis of the market. With Jeff’s precision information we always knew which way the market was headed. His Foundation and Master programs were of the highest professional quality and his in-depth market knowledge was very evident. Jeff‘s measured and patient presentation style ensures that all students gain a thorough understanding of his methodology.” Steve Hill - President AIQ Systems

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What do you think the single most important "thing" is that anyone can use to determine possible future price movement? (There is in fact one thing that we can consistently rely on and it's right under our noses...)

Let's think about what actually moves the markets...

After careful consideration would you agree that the markets (ALL markets) were created based on the sole principle of supply and demand?

In that, the more buyers there are than sellers, the prices go up. And if there are more sellers than buyers then prices will go down. And finally, if there's a stand still between the two, then the prices will remain neutral.

In some circles it's called the "The Invisible Hand". The unforeseen forces that move the free market economy.

Adam Smith (a Scottish Enlighten thinker) coined this phrase in his book called " An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" that was published in 1776

This idea made it's way into the free markets during 1900's and the idea has remained steadfast ever since.

Fundamentally we understand that company stocks have "intrinsic" value, value that is based on revenues, earnings and overhead, however, if a company is doing really well and making money, the stock should continuously go up, right?

So how many times have you seen good earnings, and I mean OUTSTANDING earnings, way past expectations, come out on a company and yet the stock took a nose dive?


Let's look at the Housing Market - the same invisible hand principal applies.

What actually creates the "value" of a home? Is there any "REAL" value that we can use to calculate the true price? Sure it costs money to build a home, but it's NOT what you paid for it, right?

I could be audacious and believe that my house is worth SO MUCH more than the market dictates, however, until someone knocks on my door and says "Name your price, I'll give you cash right now!" The value of my house will remain at what buyers are willing to pay for it.

And it's not just 1 person that decides the value, it's a group of individuals who do.

The fact remains that perceived market value is really all about what the current state of where the buyers vs where the sellers are. That's all, that's how markets are valued.

So I ask again, is there a way to track all these buyers and all the sellers in the market place? Regardless of what market we are using to make money?

RIP: Buy and Hold Methodology

The truth is that the old buy and hold model for investing or trading has come to an end, it's just that no-one has told you yet. (or maybe they did but you weren't paying attention!)

Fundamental analysis is not going to save us anymore. It's a long game that is fixed for those in the know...

The broadcasting of "news" is at a speed no one has ever seen before and the majority of this "news" is designed to manipulate price movement.

They manipulate the markets solely for their own benefit, not ours. (Who are "they" you ask? Read on...)

After the dot com bubble (2000) it took 8 years for the S&P 500 to recover, and after the financial crash of 2008 it took another 6 years for the S&P 500 to get back to their all time highs.

Look at the most recent activities that started on February 24th, 2020? The top has formed and it is cemented, but where's the bottom?

Is it over yet? When can we safely get back into the markets? Is there any way we can identify these crashes ahead of time, and then know when to get back in?

...and most importantly before these crashes, did your financial advisor (or anyone else for that matter), call you to say, "Hey, there's a market selloff coming, better sell your positions now before the storm comes..."?

(Side note: we did, and so did our students! Most recently we made out like bandits and made a TON of money trading to the down side!)

This is how the game is fixed.

The average trader or investor becomes just another statistic not knowing what hit them when the Market suffers a major sell off.

And how many people had secured retirement funds in the Market before it fell, only to lose between 40 and 50% of all their money?

Was this you?

Now the average trader or investor and along with MIILIONS of others need to keep working for another 6-8 years and are just hoping and praying for the Markets to come back. Scrambling trying to figure out what to do.

Aren't you sick and tired of getting into the Markets based on recommendations from trusted people, only to get driven into the slaughterhouse?

Aren't you tired of being wrong far too often?

And, how would you have benefited from knowing WHEN to pull your money out and then knowing when to get back in the markets?

The Secret Revealed - Behind The Iron Curtain

If you haven't figured out what that "one" thing is yet, let me give you one last hint. I believe its important that we get these epiphanies on our own.

Taking the idea of the invisible hand, we understand that it's the market that defines what the value of anything is.

So who makes up the market?

We all do really, anyone who makes a transaction. And the sum of those transactions is what's going to determine what the prices are.

And...if we had a ENOUGH money and made enough TRANSACTIONS, we could in fact manipulate the markets any way we wanted to.

That's a crap ton of money!! I mean we are talking TRILLIONS!! Are there really people out there that have that kind of money?


They have SO much money in fact, they are able to able manipulate the markets at any given time.

(Don't believe me? Remember the flash crash on May 6th 2010? It was an "error" that crashed the market for a VERY short period of time. What about the other flash crashes around the world: 2013, 2015, 2019? I think you get the idea...)

So who are these market manipulators?

We call them the “Smart Money”. These are the largest Institutions that have and continue to; move the markets.

And we know also know how to track this "Smart Money" by starting with just one single indicator...

During the crash of 1907 and 1929 Jesse Livermore, (some consider to be one of the best traders of all time), used volume along with what he called pivot points (price levels), to determine points of entry and points of exits.

He was famously quoted as saying "trade in the line of least resistance", and was considered one of the very first "trend followers".

Jesse understood that volume is what moves the markets and also understood that volume SPIKES at these key levels can determine future price movement.

In fact, if you have read any of Jesse's books, he mentions several times during his career, and on more than one occasion, that he had the commodities market cornered and was able to manipulate the prices.

Is was true back then, and remains true today.

Over the last 26 years we have used this idea of tracking the volume as a key to opening the door to a very unique perspective on the market place.

A perspective that gives the average trader or investor an opportunity to identify these key trend changes, tops and/or bottoms, shake outs, fake outs, while completely ignoring all the talking heads, to make financial decisions based on what we call "actionable intelligence".

We have taken something that is seemingly very complicated and developed a way to get behind all the news...all the hype...all the recommendations and are be able to predict future price movement with a high degree of accuracy.

(we have over 150+ LIVE trades posted on you tube and have calculated an 80% accuracy rate)

And it all starts with volume...

Our method to analyze and time the Markets are extremely thorough, and yet simple and elegant by design.

And if you have ever believed that it's impossible for an average trader or investor to time market top's and bottom's, or even have clear indication of the "current state of the US Markets"...

and be able to all of that within 30 minutes everyday...

We are here to challenge that belief.

Our trained professionals know whether they are short, long or net neutral and most importantly they are trained on...

How to capitalize on these opportunities while maintaining strict risk control.

In short...

We are Expert Market Timers.

What would your life be like if you had access to the kind of information that could track these very institutions and trade along WITH them instead of against them like everyone else?

What would your investment portfolio look like after you've not only AVOIDED the major market crashes, but were able to CAPITLIZE on them?

How It's Done

We have leveled the playing field so that ANYONE, regardless of your previous background, has equal access to the same information only the largest institutions use to make objective, informed, and self-directed decisions about your trading or investing.

We begin by analyzing the Dow Jones Equities (DJI-30), then the SP 500 Equities (S&P500) and then analyzing the SP 500 E-Mini Futures Market while using end of day charts.

We do this to identify key levels in the market. Why is this important?

Since it's the largest institutions who actually create these levels these institutions, along with floor traders in New York and Chicago, ALSO use these levels to trade off of.

Once these key levels are identified and laid out (as compared to the volume both past and present), we then analyze the short term Money Flow and then the long-term Money Flow indicators.

Why two money flows? As critical as it is to know not just where the short-term money is headed, it is equally critical to know exactly where the long-term money is headed.

And once we understand and know exactly where we are every single day, leaves very little to chance.

From there we dive even DEEPER into this volume with added indicators.

From this expert market timing perspective whether your trading in Stocks, ETF’S or our preferred market; Futures in Real Time, it is absolutely...positively...critical to be trained in exactly how to identify where these Major daily and incremental levels are located so that you, as an individual trader or investor, is on the right side of the Market every...single...day, like a true Professional.

ANYONE can apply this whether you are an average trader, small investor or a Financial Advisor looking to create better value for your clients.

And once you have mastered these skills, it takes you less than an hour every day to understand EXACTLY where you are in the financial markets.

What kind of possibilities would be available to you having this kind of information?

How would your life change knowing that you have the knowledge to be ready, waiting for, literally ANTICIPATING the next major market move?

Introducing the Expert Market Timing Course (EMTC)

Our primary business is to train institutional day traders and serious students of the Market. We have trained 75, over the last 10 years, and we know that becoming an expert market timer is the very foundation to becoming a truly successful trader.

Normally our mentoring programs run for 15 sessions 2 times a week and cost around $15,800 USD, however...

We have decided to pull just this portion out and give it its own due diligence. We feel that this is the most critical skill that everyone should have to be able to navigate the choppy waters of the financial markets.

We are a doing a LIVE 1 hour FREE webinar where dive deep into this methodology so that you can see it for yourself.

The event will held July 9th at 4:15 pm EST and is available to those who truly want to complete their degree and graduate from being a student of the market, to becoming an Expert Market Timer

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"Thankfully, for some, the market volatility has handsomely rewarded our efforts during the last several weeks. Jeffs energy is genuine and ability to convey information is nothing short of phenomenal. He’s that rare individual whose knowledge is much more than book and theory smart, but is the result of been there done it and guess what, I am still here and doing it now. Amazing how after almost 12 years, the trading formula you taught me remains as the unwavering foundation for my success!

Never second guess your fib levels!!"

Cheers, Jeff Lawrence

“My name is Hussain, I knew this business was for me a long time ago, I just could not make a commitment until I finally found the VTC and Jeff Kilian. No one on the web had that many recorded “in the moment” real time trades on their website and YouTube channel. That along with the plethora of the right information of the website inspired me to call. After inquiring about the Executive Mentorship Program we conference for approximately 20 minutes. I immediately knew that the VTC and Jeff Kilian was where I wanted to study. I finished the EMP 2 months ago and am trading profitably right now. This was worth every penny and so much more. I owe a debt of gratitude that is greater that I can put into words. "

Hussain V. Qatar

"I’m an institutional trader for a major market maker in the Cayman Islands and have been trading in the US Securities markets for 18 years. In this profession you don’t get paid a salary, you get paid a percentage of the total amount of profit you bring in for your clients under management. Here we work in acceptance of the reality that this is a very competitive and stress full environment.

Early on into a new career decision, I was experiencing a beginning second quarter of non performance and a drawdown that then threatened my position. The long story short is through a reference I discovered Jeff Kilian and I immediately retained his service.

It only took one week to uncover that although my Fundamental Models used for trade selection were valid; they were out of synchronization with the Technical Systems approach I was employing. He broke it all down and we built a much simpler and more effective approach to correctly identify the optimum levels and data points to enter and exit the positions my fundamental models produce. Subsequently I’m back into profitability for my clients and my draw downs have been normalized.

I have to say that Jeff Kilian went the extra mile for me and I know that he didn’t have to, but that’s who he is. He is an incredible human being whom as arrived at the pinnacle of his career. I give a silent thanks to him every day because I have my career and my family and for me these are the two most important things in my life."

Independent Trader

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