Design, Build and Test Trading Systems

Whether you’re looking for stocks that experience a simple end-of-day indicator crossover, or want to develop a complex real-time system, TradingExpert pro’s Rule Builder makes it easy.

With other trading platforms, defining a trading strategy is a challenging task that forces you to learn a complex computer language. However, with TradingExpert Pro’s rule building wizard you simply point and click on the ideas that you like. It then writes the language for you!

The Rule Builder’s user friendly interactive trading library provides easy access to large numbers of pre-built elements, routines, and strategies - all that you will need to describe any trading idea.

Back testing finds winning systems

Whether you find your trading ideas in TradingExpert Pro's Rule Builder Library or some other source, common sense dictates that you get the answers to some basic questions before you begin trading.

  • What returns has this strategy produced over x number of years?
  • How do these returns compare to the market indexes?
  • How much trading activity is required?
  • Do I have enough capital to implement this strategy, and withstand its maximum draw downs?
  • In what market trends will it perform best and worst?

The Expert Design Studio answers these questions, and more. When it tests your strategies, it gives you the trade-by-trade Positions Report so you’ll be able to determine the true performance of your strategy.

You get an objective analysis of exactly how your strategy would have performed in the past - how it should perform in the future under similar conditions - and whether or not it’s compatible with your personal trading style.