Charting features found only in TradingExpert Pro

Traders around the world agree — TradingExpert Pro’s charting is the best. We combine superb display with the easiest user interface in the business.

  • Quick Switch Control Panel  - The feature that truly sets our charting apart. At the touch of a key, switch from the Indicator Panel to a List Panel to easily chart tickers from your favorite lists.
  • Indicator Barometer  - gives you an instant evaluation of the status of all indicators for each chart.
  • Explore Feature - allows fast and fluid searching of multi-level lists and industry group structures. At any level you can step up, down, or sideways and quickly view charts on an entire list of issues.
  • Tag List Tool - allows you to add a ticker to a watch list or create a new list while viewing charts. “Superb”say our users.
  • One-of-a-kind Indicators - based on TradingExpert Pro's Expert System technology provide tools that traders learn to rely on for market direction and group and sector rotation.
  • Build Custom Indicators - by simply describing them to TradingExpert Pro's Expert Design Studio and adding them to the Indicator Library.