How do you know that you're not catching a falling knife?

If you 're thinking about buying a stock that has pulled back in a downtrend, how do you know that you're not catching a falling knife? The reverse is also true. If you buy a stock in an up trend, how can you tell when it still has more upside, or when it's too late and time to get out?

It’s rather simple really, but you must know the signs

In this Trading the Turns course, the Professor will show you exactly how to make these types of trades. There are several elements to making these trades, and you need all of them in place to be successful.

Major trend or false alarm?

There's a certain pattern you'll need to learn and to look for and also which indicators to use to trigger your trades. Once in the trade, it's critical you learn how to tell if a major trend is starting or if it’s a false alarm. Without these key trade building blocks, you might as well pick trades at random.

This simple idea is often overlooked - predict targets before you trade

The professor has a technique you can learn that predict targets for these trades. You see, some targets are not worth the effort, and some are, so you know which trades to take and which ones to avoid. All this before you even place a trade, now doesn't seem like the ultimate way to trade?

I'm in but how and when do I really need to exit?

Suffice to say, there's no profit until you take the money off the table, and there's no sense it letting a losing trade ride (and yes not all the Professor's trades are winners). here's where you will learn how to use the Professor’s money management techniques to minimize risk and maximize profits.

Bonus: How the Professor predicted all four major market moves of 2013

The Professor will also review how he used this Methodology to identify all four of the major Up turns so far in 2013. Each of these four turns identified moves of approximately 1,000 Dow points. That’s almost 4,000 Dow points! in 2013 alone! And like the Professor’s strategy on Rifle Trades, this strategy is EXTREMELY simple to implement. It’s not complicated. If you liked the Professor’s Rifle Trading webinar, you’re going to love this session on Trading the Turns.

You'll see this strategy used for real, so that you'll know:

  • How to avoid the trades that look like a pullback or a rally but are really not
  • Which indicators are best for triggering these trades
  • How to spot whether you're trade is in a major trend or not
  • How to predict stop targets for these trades
  • When to take money off the table
  • How to minimize risk and maximize profit