Opportunities to trade oil, gold, bonds, and the dollar in 2015

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Hank Swiencinski, aka The Professor, has been teaching trading at the University of North Florida since the spring of 2009. His courses have been the subject of much acclaim in Jacksonville’s news media, the Florida Times Union, and its two major network stations. He is the co-author of The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management, a highly informative book that addresses his straight forward, easy to learn methodology. He has conducted numerous seminars and webinars on trading and is currently the principal contributor to OneMinuteStock web site.

Sticks in the Sand approach to tell when the environment is friendly to trade these commodities

He will also show you how he used his ‘Sticks in the Sand’ approach to tell when the environment is friendly to trade commodities. Using this approach, he was able to successfully trade energy related stocks and ETFs early in 2014, then exit these long trades in July and start trading inverse ETFs in the second half of the year. There was no uncertainty about any of this. The ‘Sticks in the Sand’ provided everything you needed to know about the energy market. If you trade energy, you owe it to yourself to learn about these important indicators. You will learn what to look for and when to enter and exit the trades. With the Professor’s Methodology, you don’t get a list of 400+ stocks or ETFs to buy like you do elsewhere. Large lists are of limited value, especially when you only have a limited amount of money to invest. No, you want to know which stocks and ETFs are the best ones to invest in. Also, IF you use a Financial Advisor, you will be able to use the information in the is course to monitor what he's doing Is your financial advisor putting you into the right mix of equities, bonds, commodities, or real estate?  Or just watching your portfolio go up and down with the market?  Watching is not managing. You pay your financial advisor to manage. And if he's not putting you into the strongest stocks and ETFs, maybe it's time to make a change. With The Professor's key indicators, you will know when the conditions are favorable or unfavorable for equities, bonds, and commodities.  Remember what happened in the market crashes of 2002 and 2007-2008? Most financial advisors stood by watching the markets and the value of your portfolio decline. Do NOT let this happen again. Get this course now!! Includes course handouts and unlimited access to the video course

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