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includes The Professor's new 'Sector Rotation Strategy'

With his new sector rotation even in sideways markets there are strong and weak sectors to take advantage of. Go long the strong sectors during flat markets and rallies and short the weak sectors during pullbacks. Each of the Professors sectors has an accompanying ETF that he uses as a trading vehicle. Entries and exits from the ETFs is timed based on the Professor's own VTI indicator, Volume and Money Flow.

REMEMBER: Updates on the favored sectors will be included in the Cum Laude service going forward.

Check out this 30 minute update video from January 2017

The Professor starts out with an update on current market conditions, including the status of his 5 waves sequence and the where we are currently in an overthrow wave. Following the market update the Professor introduces his new 'Sector Rotation Strategy'.

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The Professor's comments on the market

Each day you'll get the Professor's market update and specifics on the current status. Elliott Wave and the 'Hockey Stick' patterns feature prominently.

Insights on how the Professor trades stocks and ETF's

Any stocks or ETFs the Professor is watching with his 3 three favorite indicators.


The Dean's list of stocks and ETF's with corresponding ranking

The ranking is provided by the professor's proprietary algorithms and is updated every day. It provides a relative strength against other entries along with potential market changes and sector strengths and weaknesses. The Dean’s List is where to go to look for strong stocks or ETFs

The Professor's Market Signals

Each week day the Professor provides a snapshot reading on the market based on his preferred indicators and algorithms. It's the quickest way to see where the market is headed.

Weekend Strategy Review

At the weekend the Professor lays out his plan for the coming week. It's the big picture of what he expects the markets to do and where to focus in the coming week.

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